Solstice 2014 

My dear friends:

I am so glad you have found my brand new presence on the web!

Align me, O Earth, with your purposes.  This first line of a prayer poem emerged my journal on a wild island in the Gulf of Mexico in 2003.

Speak, and be witness, wrote the poet Rilke in his 9th Duino Elegy.

Witness, align, speak, act–and all with an open heart.  That is what is asked of us humans at this time on the planet.

Please come along with me on this journey.  Together, we will observe the quietest, oldest and shyest of species–how they live and what is happening to and around them.  We will visit wild places, in-town gardens, and our own hearts. Together we will join in a revolution of thought and relationship that will truly honor the Earth.

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