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I invite you to join me at the coast, and along edges of every kind! Together, we will observe the quietest, oldest and shyest of species–how they live, what they can teach us, and what is happening to and around them.  We will visit wild places, in-town gardens, and our own hearts. Together we will join in a revolution of thought and relationship that will truly honor the Earth.

This summer, I’m celebrating the awesome award of a gold medal for Coming to Pass: Florida’s Coastal Islands in a Gulf of Change!  What an honor to be at the top of the list for Florida nonfiction.

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Review of Coming To Pass from the Florida Historical Quarterly

Lush descriptions, combining scientific explanations with memorable observations, will appeal to a wide range of readers, from students of Florida natural history to visitors to residents unaware of the dramatic confluence of events that created and now threaten these jewels…

In blending calls for action with scientific evidence and lovely descriptions along an often-overlooked area, Cerulean’s book adds to the growing body of Florida literature that strives to invoke a sense of place in readers and spur them to action.”

Read Full Review Here:  Review_ComingtoPass_FloridaHistoricalQuarterly