And It Came To Pass….

Micki and Walter's wild pink azalea

Micki and Walter’s wild pink azalea

3:15 pm, March 20, 2015

It’s spring equinox, almost to the minute. For north Floridians, that means maximum flowering (azalea, fringe tree, dogwood,  buckeye, wild iris, columbine); maximum birdsong (parula warbler, goldfinch, brown thrasher, cedar waxwing); and unprecedented pollen. Birth and creation in so many forms!  Beauty abounds!

It's here!

It’s here!

I personally am experiencing a full measure of spring fruition and joy. Five boxes of Coming to Pass were just delivered to our home by my friend, the UPS man.  The creation I kept in my notebooks for so many years is ready for your eyes.

It is a special moment, and I’m very grateful.


PS: Did you see the beautiful video made by Rob Diaz de Villegas, of WFSU-TV?  Please check it out.  Rob also wrote a wonderful blog about our four hours together at Bald Point talking about birds, the book, so I’ll keep my own post short today.  Here’s the link that will take you to both video and blog:


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And It Came To Pass…. — 12 Comments

  1. So excited about your book, Sue. Congratulations! Look forward to reading it. Mollie

  2. Congratulations, Susan! Our beautiful copy arrived a few days ago and I’m about to start reading it. What a gift with which to welcome Spring! Thank you!

  3. Can’t wait for my copy! I’ve tried to view the video but had some trouble with it stopping periodically. I’ve written to WFSU to find out if it’s my settings. What I did see was lovely and convinced me more than ever that you are a most eloquent speaker for nature in our beautiful state.

  4. Thanks so much, Charlene! I think they’ve fixed the video now. I’ve got books at my house if you want one!

  5. Virginia, if you ordered a book through the Friends, I have it here at my house. If you are not going down to the Port St. Joe event, I’ll hold on to it for you to pick up in town!