Memorial Day for Glaciers

Some years ago, Jeff and I traveled to Iceland to see that amazing island country, with our friends David and Crystal.  Part of my desire to visit those glaciers and icebergs was my need to understand and experience the source of the water that is raising the level of our Gulf of Mexico, and all the planet’s seas.



Jokulsarlon, Iceland, iceberg calf melting into the sea.

Jokulsarlon, Iceland, iceberg calf melting into the sea.


I feel so grateful that the story has just been published in Tikkun, a marvelous journal that bills itself as “A Jewish Magazine, An Interfaith Movement.”  Its stated mission is to heal and transform the world!




Majestic glacier, slipping into the sea

I hope you’ll click on the link below and read this story, which is published along with David Moynahan’s gorgeous photograpy.


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Memorial Day for Glaciers — 12 Comments

  1. I love your writing, Sue, even when it is woven into such a sad story. I knew the four of you had gone to Iceland, but I had not heard this kind of educational detail. My heart aches, but thank you.

  2. Thank you, Susan. We saw much the same in the Canadian High Arctic/Greenland a few years ago.

    Meanwhile, Roger and I are charmed by your new book. I’m reading it aloud to us before bedtime. Simply beautiful. Informative too! Love to those islands.


  3. A wonderfully written article that brings home the reality of climate change. I will be going to Iceland in September this year to see the heartbreak for myself. The glaciers in Glacier National Park near my cabin are melting too. And still, some deny the reality…isn’t that amazing?

  4. Didn’t know you’d been to Greenland, Karla! Was it wonderful? I’m so happy you and Roger are liking my book. Thanks for saying so!

  5. I hope you’ll let me know when the sight of my name in your inbox causes you to hit “delete”, Judye, cause you are pretty sure it’ll be bad news….

  6. One of your best essays yet, Susan. Thank you for your detailed observation of this crisis.