Solstice Meditation

imageI am a person of the coast, although much of the year I live 30 miles inland.  I can sometimes feel deprived when I’m not down at the edge, where all is clear to see.

Beginning on winter solstice 2014, I began a practice of observing and meditating on the comfort of the annual cycles of sunlight, wherever I am. My own home has become a tiny Stonehenge, a still place to receive the light.

On the winter solstice in December, the sun fingered into our south-facing dining room, making brilliant the blooms of the Christmas cactus.

Now in late June, just past the summer solstice, our star rises far to the north, and I must sit on the front porch to witness its ascent.  All around me in the trees, families of fledged great crested flycatchers cackle and chortle, tuning up to migrate south.

It’s our great good fortune to live on this earth, with all her gifts. Her rhythmic turning is just one, and it offers us a stable container for our human craziness and struggle.

The poet Hafiz says:

Even after all this time
The sun never says to the earth
“You owe me.”
Look what happens with a love like that.
It lights the whole sky.

May we match the light of our lives–as best we can–to that of our great and reliable Sun.

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Solstice Meditation — 4 Comments

  1. I just read that poem by Hafiz a few days ago and reflected on the dance between Earth and Sun. Now here it is again, nestled in your heartful post. Thanks Sue.

  2. Your writing is very inspiring and thoughtful, I love that in anyone. Beach walking is one of my favorite pastimes. We lived in Apalachicola for 24 years before moving to the north mountains in Alabama, miss the coast very much. We are thinking seriously of moving back and I hope that happens Ann Chesnut

  3. Love your writing, Susan, and descriptions…like the fledged great crested flycatchers. I just read that particular poem by Hafiz the other day; love how nicely it was woven into this piece of writing. PS I really enjoyed listening to you and Mary Jane on 88.9 this morning. Must read both your books!