Speak out for our Bears–only one week left!

Photo by Jon Johnson

Photo by Jon Johnson

This article appeared in the Tallahassee Democrat yesterday. It’s a much shortened version of the column I sent you last week. Since it’s not available on line (and why not?? Ask for it!), I scanned it for you. Please send far and wide. Be their voice…..image






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Speak out for our Bears–only one week left! — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you, Susan, Sandy Beck, Jon J. and others for speaking against this terrible plan to kill 300 defenseless and beautiful creatures.

  2. Susan–
    Are there phone numbers for us to call? Anyone keeping tabs in numbers of folks protesting this? Is there a petition going around to help those of us far away to protest laws in Florida? Plz let me know!
    Yours, for the bears,
    Lisa couturier

  3. Lisa, thank you. I think the best thing people can do is to get media attention on the FWC Commissioners, and on the Governor, Rick Scott, whom Floridians know as Voldemort. We need national stories on all possible media.

    Here are some active FB sites with suggestions regarding phone calls and demonstrations: Stop the Florida Bear Hunt, Speak Up Wekiva, and Operation Overwatch.

  4. Thank you so much for speaking out for the bears! Down here, in Central Florida, the trouble is PEOPLE!!! They feed the bears, leave pet food out, use the wrong kinds of garbage cans…all the things that would attract the bears who are having their habitat and natural food supplies taken away by all the “roof top gardens” the developers keep building…houses in massive numbers that look like a garden of roofs. Then they blame the bears!!! The bears that they are going to shoot live deep in the woods and don’t bother anyone. They aren’t going to solve their own man made “problem” at all because the ones that come into subdivisions…well, I certainly hope they aren’t going to shoot there!!! First we protect them because they’re endangered, then we shoot them. No wonder our balance of nature is so out of whack! I also worry about all the cubs that will be motherless. Their moms don’t have a set of antlers! Who’s going to look after them? Instead of bear hunts, they need to train the people. Have strict rules about feeding, garbage, pet food outside, etc. Enforce them with fines, and even possible confinement for repeat offenders because they are endangering their neighbors!!! Please, please stop the hunting!