Again, and always, the bears

On a Sunday evening I went for a brief walk in some coastal woods with my friends Jean and Neil. And what did we come upon?

A bear eats berries and nuts. We must not kill them.

A bear eats berries and nuts. We must not kill them.

So many people are seeing mothers with young cubs, 2,3,4 young cubs.

Have each of us found some way to speak for the bears? Is there another phone call you might make, to someone who might know someone with power to affect this tragic unfolding?

Here is what the writer Alice Walker says:

“The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans anymore than black people were made for white, or women created for men.”

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Again, and always, the bears — 3 Comments

  1. Susan,

    Sad day indeed as the hunting spree approaches. I will contact our local reps again about stopping the hunt.

    As the frog said as it was to be swallowed by the Heron “Never give up”


  2. This hunt needs to be stopped. It makes no sense and it is immoral. Soooo many Floridians do not want this hunt to happen. When does the voter count?