Taking a Stand

Standing Rock, image from Huffington Post

Standing Rock, image from Huffington Post

Dear Friends and Family:

To support native rights, and on behalf of the rivers, I am going to Standing Rock, South Dakota for a week, with Erin Josephine Canter.

We will join with Deena Metzger and others. Deena writes: “in the past, when a people were gravely threatened, Chiefs, Medicine People, Healers, Shamans, and Elders, called Councils. …People gathered in times of crises; we are gathering now.”

We go because what is happening on the banks of the Missouri River and all along the pipeline path is a one-sided war. We go to witness. We go to protest. We go to work, however we are needed.

You can contribute, too. I am gathering several duffle bags of wool, or mohair, or alpaca sweaters to give to people there. Also, we can take gift cards from Lowes, or phone cards (Verizon, StraightTalk). Or check or cash.

Please check out protest actions happening tomorrow, all over the country, in solidarity with Stanisn Rock, at 350.org

thank you. Sue

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Taking a Stand — 6 Comments

  1. I have two wool sweaters, some very warm pants and socks to donate. Can I drop them off to you? If so, where?

  2. I heard that the local protest will be at the Wells Fargo Bank on North Monroe. I plan to attend and make a small contribution to your efforts.

  3. Dear Sue, So deeply moved by your call to to travel to Standing Rock. Big love goes with you and to Deena and the all the courageous ones standing for truth and beauty. When do you leave? I have offerings to send. (In Orlando now, but will be back tonight). In unity…Amrita