Help for Standing Rock

Dear Friends:  I write to share with you my request for personal protection during my trip to Standing Rock, tomorrow through Sunday, Dec. 5.   Perhaps that is the only way to have the people protecting the River, be protected themselves.
Why doesn’t our President Obama answer the cries of the people being so violated in North Dakota.
This is what I’ve written to Senator Bill Nelson, and Congresswoman Gwen Graham, both of whom I know and respect.  I hope you will make some calls on behalf of the people of Standing Rock.  Time is short….
 Dear Sen. Nelson and Rep. Graham:
I am writing to ask for your protection.  Tomorrow morning my 28-year old niece Erin Canter and I fly to North Dakota to support the Sioux Indians who are themselves, trying to protect the source of their drinking water, the Missouri River.
You know I have a track record of speaking for those without voices. 
It is an arduous journey, made all the more terrifying by the recent violence against the peaceable people on site.  And yet we feel we must add our voices, and our full commitment to this injustice. 
We hear that tensions are escalating, as the Army Corps of Engineers has set a deadline of Dec. 5 to close down the camps.  Several thousand veterans and a thousand clergy are coming to Standing Rock on Sunday to stand by the people.
We don’t understand why our President hasn’t moved on this issue.  Oh how we hope you will.
All best wishes and gratitude for all you do,
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Help for Standing Rock — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you for taking this stand and providing a constructive way for others to help. Safe travels!

  2. I send my spirit of hope with you, Susan. And will continue to send positive thoughts to the Universe, for you safety and that of all the water protectors at Standing Rock. Love, Karla

  3. Thank you for your courage, Susan. You have been in my thoughts every day since I learned of your plan to make this journey to Standing Rock. You are an emissary for all of us who do not have the resources to make such a pilgrimage ourselves. May you be granted the protection you seek for yourself and Erin and for all of those who stand in peaceful solidarity to save the water and land needed to sustain life. Sending wishes for a safe journey. ~Betty

  4. I hold you and your niece in my heart as you travel with courage, conviction, safety and hopes for our planet and people. Be well dear friend.